Lot61: Silver Gilt & Enamel Bird Box, Charles Bruguier

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An exceptional Bird Box with a Fussee mechanism. To start/ stop the centre is slid to the right and the bird rises smoothly through a very finely tooled and pierced gilt grille. As the bird rises, the beak moves, the head turns, the wings & tailfeather bob from side to side and birdsong sounds in a 1-1-2-3-2-3-4 order for over 20 seconds. The bird shows exquisite alternate banded feathered plumage in lime and dark greens, the head with teal green highlighted with orange sides and the inset of the box has a polished bay border. The lid interior has petit-painted enamel studies of roses, pansies and French blues within a floral spray on a duck-egg blue ground with a laurel leaf tooled border in a magnificent silver-gilt case with the movement plate beside the mainspring ratchet stamped ‘C. Bruguier’. The box has mitre point shaped corners, the main top has geometric trefoils from black enamel framed with further floral enamel spray spandrels finished with double black enamel framing, multiple diamond tooled edge frieze and full tooled sides featuring delicate swags and leaves from central obverse heart crests, union tie corners. A hidden key compartment to the rear and large crested cartouche to checquer board ground and loop-wave frieze surround.
Country: France
Height: 6.7cm
Width: 9,8cm
Condition: good

Low estimate:£25000
High estimate:£30000

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