Lot87: Gold Mounted Chelsea Perfume Bottle

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A ST. JAMES’S (CHARLES GOUYN) OR CHELSEA PORCELAIN SCENT BOTTLE AND STOPPER CIRCA 1755 Modelled as Cupid pointing to a clock supported amidst the branches of a rose tree by a scantily clad Venus, a spotted seated between them and inscribed around the arched sides of the base L’HEURE DU BERGER FIDELLE, Gold mounted Provenance. Guitel Montague, New York Sotheby’s New York, April 5, 2007, lot 171

Country: UK
Height: 7.5cm
Width: 3.5cm
Lenght: 3cm
Circa: 1755
Condition: Fine

Low estimate:£3000
High estimate:£5000

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