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The Eighteenth Century was a great age of candlelight, and the salons of the nobility were lit by many hundreds of candles from chandeliers, candelabra and wall sconces as the gentry wanted to prioritise the aesthetics of the light source rather than just ensuring its functionality.

Table candlesticks began to take on a great variety of design and material. The great houses contained many dozens of pairs of silver candlesticks, and consequently there are many surviving examples from English eighteenth century decorative arts.

However, it was the rapid change of fashion in the Eighteenth Century from the plain Queen Anne style to the elaborate Late Baroque of early Georgian and later Rococo, Neoclassical and Regency styles that ensured an even larger variety in production. A similar evolution of style took place throughout Europe. Partly due to increasing wealth of the Eighteenth Century and partly due to incredible advances in design and production techniques, the brass candlestick was replaced by much more elegant designs that became presentations pieces in their own right.

It is these much rarer and more sought after decorative enamel candlesticks that are another specialism of the Antique Enamel Company, many of which have graced our catalogues over the years.

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